Live Review: Kids in Glass Houses

16/10 – The Garage

Cheers erupt as The Garage enshrouds itself into darkness, silencing immediately any previous conversation. The lights are then red, and the sound is Edith Piaf’s, ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’. The lights are flashing and Kids in Glass Houses are thrashing themselves around on stage whilst we thrash ourselves around on the floor.

It’s their final gig in Glasgow and the emotion is palpable; there are no bystanders here, everyone can’t help but get involved with the first track. The next two songs are cracked out, as if they weren’t top selling singles, before lead singer Aled Philips greets us with “I love you Glasgow;” and we greet him back with “Here we, he we…” (you can fill in the rest).

The Welsh pop-rockers did not hold back with the setlist; blending old time classics, new time hits and their own favourites perfectly – and musically, they’re on top form. Phillips’ vocals are stronger than ever, belting out all the lines even so that the audience don’t drown him out, and the band never misses a beat. The band’s love for Glasgow, and Glasgow’s for the band is such that you’ve never seen before and it truly felt as if they wanted to be there as much as we did.

During an intermission, Phillips pointed out his mother and sister on the balcony (who he had told had to see him play in Glasgow) were definitely not let down. This was shortly followed by a new addition to the set; Phillips playing old tune ‘Raise Hell’ on his own with an acoustic guitar, his voice spine-tingling and ours hoarse.

As they said thank you one last time, Kids in Glass Houses were held up starting their last song with a well deserved, long lasting round of applause. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, including on stage. A heartfelt ‘Matters At All’ saw the band off with a bang; and then the lights are on again. The sound is cheers and tears, and a unanimous round of applause for the mother and sister – as a thank you to them, and the band.

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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