Live Review: Nothing But Thieves

The Barrowlands – 24/10

Quintet Nothing But Thieves hail from Southend-on-Sea, where the majority of them were schoolmates. The band formed three years ago and have worked hard to get to this point. A couple of years ago they spent six weeks in the U.S. to work with talented songwriters and producers; a trip that has definitely paid off.

The songs they have written for their recent, self-financed EP have a coherent sound, while each also being distinct in itself. That they have been heavily inspired by Jeff Buckley is evident, but they still manage to have their own, unique sound. Other inspirations include Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and Arcade Fire.

During their 30 minute long show they played tunes from their new EP as well as a couple of other singles. They mixed slower, more vulnerable tunes with heavier sounds, and performed them with confidence. Singer Conor’s vocal range is impressive, especially when he hits the really high notes and holds them perfectly. At times it was a bit tricky to actually catch the lyrics, but the beautiful, eerie vocals made up for it. The guitarists, Dom and Joe, are undeniably talented and use their technical skills to play complicated and original guitar riffs. All of the band members are exceptionally good at what they do, and it is evident that these guys love playing together.

Supporting Twin Atlantic is undeniably an amazing opportunity, but could also be a difficult task. However, Nothing But Thieves managed to capture and keep the crowd’s attention throughout their whole show with their beautiful, captivating tunes.

These guys are already talented musicians and with time will only get better and better. They were tipped as “Ones to Watch in 2015” by the Independent a few weeks ago, which really says it all. Nothing But Thieves are a promising act that we most definitely haven’t seen the last of.

[Mimmi Ronning]

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