Interview: Nothing But Thieves

Barrowlands – 24/10

qmunicate’s Callum Price met up with alternative rock band and Essex boys Nothing But Thieves after their second consecutive show in front of a sold out Barrowlands supporting Twin Atlantic to find out more about the boys, and how it’s all kicking off for them…

So did you enjoy that show? How did it compare to last night?

Dom – Guitars: Same really!

Connor – Lead Vocals: Yeah, about the same, we still got a good response and stuff, social media’s going mad now so that’s always a good sign.


You are offering a free download of your EP on Twitter, you must have quite a lot of confidence in your material to give that out for free.

Connor: Yeah it’s all about promoting us at the moment, it’s never really about money.

Dom: I’m only pulling a face because I just poured Fanta into to beer to see how it tastes…


The free download worked for me, I thought it was great. Obviously that’s the whole point of it.

Dom: Yeah we’re obviously at the point where we’re building a fan base. We’re not expecting people to go out and buy all our music and stuff now, that’s not what it’s about. If we can just get it out there to as many people as possible and build it all up.

Connor: Yeah and then people start sharing it to their friends as well. Word of mouth.

Joe – Guitars: We just wanna get people to live shows really. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?


Speaking of the live shows, the tour has just started – where are you most excited to play?

Connor: Roundhouse in London by far.

(everyone agrees)

Joe: Actually Barrowlands and Roundhouse were pretty equal.

Dom: We knew that Glasgow was sold out and we knew that it was Twin [Atlantic]’s home town.

Connor: Roundhouse for us is where we’ve always dreamed of playing, being from Essex and London it’s quite a big thing for us.


Next show in Newcastle on Monday, looking forward to that?

All: Yeah totally.

Connor: I’m gonna try and say “worldies”, “mint” and “gravy” as many times as possible on stage…


Moving on, was there a particular artist that made you all want to be in a band? If so, who was it?

Joe: Foo Fighters for me definitely, my dad introduced me to them. We were in the car and he played the One by One Album and the first track is ‘All My Life’ and I was literally hooked from there.

Phil – Bass: Was that literally the first album you heard?

Joe: The first rock album, and I was like, ‘yeah I wanna be in a band.’

Phil: Showing my age a bit now…

Joe: I was only about twelve.

Connor: For me it was ACDC.

Phil: Thin Lizzy!

Dom: I’m Phil’s cousin actually, and Phil’s my cousin. His mum’s my auntie and my mum’s his… *confusion ensues* uncle?

Is that how it works in Essex?

Dom: I dunno! Phil and I went to secondary school together and bands would be rehearsing and-

Phil: I don’t think you can call it a band when you’re fourteen years old, picking up a guitar and just hitting stuff.

Dom: Yeah. But Phil just gave me a load of CDs like Thin Lizzy and ACDC and stuff and put an electric guitar in my hands, I hadn’t really played before.

I read that you all like Jeff Buckley.

(All confirm)

Connor, you sound a lot like Jeff Buckley. Is that what you were aiming for is that just what came out?

Connor: It’s not an aim at all. I’ve definitely taken influence from him, I love his music and I love his style but I could never be Jeff Buckley, like it’s fucking Jeff Buckley. But yeah I’ve definitely taken influence from him.


Some stupid questions now. Any musician, dead or alive, to have a pint with. Who would it be?

Connor: Alice Cooper would be really good. He’s got a hot dog shop in Seattle, so I’d meet him there for a pint.

Phil: I’d probably wanna have a pint with Bono. Purely because I feel like there’s a lot I’d get out of that. Like I’d wanna know a lot of information from him –

Joe: It would be entertaining –

Phil: That whole iTunes thing… We’re not talking about having a good time here, just about really getting into Bono like what the fuck is he thinking? So it would definitely be Bono.

Dom: I think Ronnie Wood would be good, he’s got some stories.

Joe: I don’t think you could keep up with Ronnie Wood

Connor: He starts already drunk doesn’t he?

Joe: It would be Dave Grohl for me.


Any funny tour stories from this tour so far?

Joe: Doubtfire…

Connor: Oh yeah. We were at the service station, and there was lovely kind old lady serving us coffee –

Phil:  – at a Road Chef

Connor: She was so sweet. Really, like… *does cute old lady impression*…-

Guitarist: – Scottish

Connor: Yeah, Scottish. And I said “you sound just like Mrs Doubtfire” and she goes *with an impressive Scottish accent* “Mrs Doubtfire? I look like Mrs Doubtfire? I hope you die at the Barrowlands” and I said “no no no, you sound like her” and she goes “Don’t dig yourself a hole there.”

Dom: So funny.

Connor: I just ran out

Joe: That was just day two.

Dom: I hope she doesn’t spit in my coffee next time I see her.

Connor: I’d love to stop off there again and see her.

Dom: Yeah… why not…

Phil: Not really sure how the rest of the tour can be as good as it’s been. It’s been so so good.

Dom: We haven’t gone too mad because you have to settle yourself into these sorts of things

Joe: We were out last night, DJing at ABC.

So was I, first club night I’ve been to with a mosh pit. So thanks for that!

Dom: Yeah that was crazy! When ‘No One Knows’ [Queens of the Stone Age] came on. So we’ll have to go back to pacing as ourselves… as we drink pints now.

Connor: And going out tonight.

Where to tonight?

Connor: I think there’s a little party here

Joe: Yeah Twin Atlantic are doing another DJ set downstairs


So what’s the plan for after the tour?

Connor: Well we’ve done our first album, it’s all recorded and stuff so while we’ve got a little bit of free time just keep working on the next album really. Whilst we’ve got the time we might as well.

Dom: If all goes to plan we’ll be pretty busy for the next few months.


Well good luck. I personally love it, it’s a little something different for the collection.

Dom: That is literally all we want to hear from people. It’s just so hard to do something original. But here we are and if someone is saying it then someone’s obviously getting it. Thank you.

Thank you!

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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