Live Review: Rustie

Art School – 24/10

Starting off as a regular on the local underground scene in Glasgow, Rustie (real name Russell Whyte) has since found himself performing live in places as far flung as Tokyo and Chicago. However, the 24th October saw the Pollokshields native return home, with a stellar performance at the Art School as part of his Green Language album tour.

Lasting for four hours, the gig was promised to be a full ‘audiovisual’ experience, and Rustie did not disappoint. Doors opened before 11 and already the venue was bathed in a multicolour ambience that seemed to throw attendees straight into his new album’s ethereal world.

The transformation was complete as soon as the main man took to the stage and delivered a flurry of old and new work. Songs such as the airy ‘Workship’ and techno flavoured ‘Death Mountain’ clashed together to create an atmosphere of sheer ambient bliss. Throughout the night the crowd varied from quiet contemplation to absolute frenzy, and all the way back again showing off Rustie’s great ability to create something beautiful from seeming chaos. Indeed, some may feel that dance music lacks profundity, but Rustie’s true love of his craft injected a pure soul into the night that attendees will find hard to find anywhere else.

Support during the performance was provided by acts such as Numbers’ own P.O.L Style and the up and coming Fox Gut Daata. Both fellow dwellers of the electronic realm, their music provided great variety to the event. Incorporating everything from vaporwave visuals to warped rap lines, both produced great sets that complemented Rustie’s own.

Overall the native Glaswegian delivered a simply awesome event. Characterized by his love of the otherworldly, the gig created its own beautiful domain of light and sound, if only for one night. We were invited into Rustie’s heavenly world, and we look forward to returning!

[Niall Gray]

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