Live Review: Klaxons

27th October – O2 ABC

Klaxons say farewell to Scotland, for what appears to be the last time. But those who attended their final gig will not be forgetting it anytime soon. Klaxons were loud, energetic and clearly on a mission to be remembered as one of the best live acts of the 21st century. Mission accomplished.

It’s easy to have some mixed feelings about the band; what with their fading popularity and rumours of splitting –  with worries that the band may have lost their touch. The fact they entered the stage all dressed in white does not make you feel any better. They almost looked like Boyzone. However, the opener ‘New Reality’ came as a huge relief. The bands super high energy got the crowd going instantly, and suddenly the all white attire looked really cool.

If the first track wasn’t enough to get some people going, the deafening siren call signalling the start of ‘Atlantis to Interzone’ certainly was. The room was filled with complete hysteria. Nobody could help jumping around and screaming the lyrics to the 2007 single. The gig continued in a similar fashion. A high level of energy was maintained throughout, but was at it’s most intensified during classics such as ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’, ‘Golden Skans’ and ‘Echoes’.

Roars of “Here we, here we, here we fucking go!” could be heard towards the end of the main set, much to the delight and encouragement of Klaxons. When the band left the stage the roars turned to screams of “One more tune!”. Klaxons did not play one more tune, in fact, they played four. After the first three songs of the adrenaline fuelled encore, front-man Jamie Reynolds took the time to thank the fans for what he believed was the best night of the tour so far (lucky me), before closing off the encore with ‘Not Over Yet’, instigating an absolute riot of bouncing and screaming. An absolutely awesome performance from Klaxons.

[Sorley Mclean @sorleymclean]

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