Live Review: Superfood

King Tut’s – 1/11

The NME New Breed tour saw two of the UK’s most exciting new bands play at King Tuts this month, Superfood – supported by Honeyblood.

Honeyblood: a bass guitar-less Glaswegian female duo played a raucous set to start things off, establishing themselves early as a band who, although their record is great, you really have to see live to get the full raw sound. Made-up as skeletons for this post-halloween gig, they played the majority of songs off their debut album and went down a real treat.

Honeyblood were a hard act to follow but somehow, Superfood made them look like beginners. They walk onto the stage with the look of seasoned veterans; two days before the release of their first album they don’t waste time getting stuck into the pounding opening riff of ‘Bubbles.’

The cool, pint-holding crowd dressed in long coats with perfectly crafted hair slowly began to lose their cool facade as limbs, heads and bodies start bouncing. This is what being at Superfood gig will do to you, the feeling that you’re witnessing a band that you’re now sure will be huge and the no-shit guitar riffs and infectious melodies and grooves will pull you up to party.

Dom Ganderton commands the attention of every person in the room from behind the mic and guitar without even trying. The fact that he looks somewhat like Damon Albarn isn’t the only similarity to be drawn between Superfood and Blur. Lyrically and musically an attitude of ‘we don’t give a fuck, we just want to have a laugh’ is intensified through tonights show, seeping into the audience like butter through a crumpet.

By the time the chorus of ‘Mood Bomb’ – now titled ‘Messy Bomb’ to me and my fellow Magic attendees every Friday night – the only people not dancing or jumping around are just stood beaming with excitement. Tonight we have witnessed something that by next year people will be jealous of, and in ten years will be a story to tell.

[Callum Price – @Calprice28]

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