Lacklustre Library

Ahh, the library. A haven of study and procrastination, where we’ll all get trapped in at some point for torturously long periods of time. It can be easy to overlook the faults of our surroundings during our collectively desperate attempts to leave as soon as possible.

For a start, it may seem obvious, but why did Level 3 receive preferential treatment during the upgrading of library this summer? It looks great, but there’s still broken monitors and overcrowding over every other floor.

The aimless wandering between floors whilst searching for a PC could have been limited had more students been made aware of the multiple computer labs scattered around campus. A simple sign at the entrance would do as most of them were left half full, or even deserted, last exam season.

There’s also a couple of minor complaints to be fairly made when borrowing books. I misplaced a book recently, paid its full replacement fee, proceeded to find it again within the week, and was unable to get a refund despite having the receipt as the “replacement procedure had started”.  It didn’t seem fair seeing as it was a popular textbook with multiple copies already on shelves, and what’s a paltry sum to the library bank account is far more to me.

Rather than the multitudes of fairly abandoned looking books on the ground floor, perhaps the short term loan procedure could be abolished if a few untouched books were traded off to afford more copies of the textbooks that everyone requests. It wouldn’t be too costly, just a procedural change that would maximise the amount of students who are able to borrow a certain book.

Getting ever more minor here, it’d also be nice if all the water dispensers worked, there was an enforced lift policy against all the lazy sods jumping one floor. Oh, and if that bloody “you are now leaving a secure connection” box didn’t pop up 5 million times when browsing the internet. Other than that, here’s to another year in an exemplary environment of academic pain!

[Dominic MacInnes]

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