Live Review: IC1s

King Tut’s – 6/11

IC1s come onto the King Tut’s stage and the crowd – though relatively sparse – move forward in excitement. The band are confident and relaxed, but still manage to retain an undercurrent of excitement that only gets stronger as their set goes on. Their sound is laddish, raw and in your face. Strong guitar riffs and drums carry frontman Daniel Coburn’s wailing voice out across the crowd.

The gig is sweaty and shouty, a mess of fist punching and crazy dancing. There was a risk of the songs sounding a bit repetitive, but live their showmanship prevails, adding a sense of presence and immediacy to the relatively simple melodies that doesn’t quite come across on the record. People are screaming out the lyrics and waving their phones in the air as they share the song with their friends down the line. Someone dances their way through the audience, getting everyone to clap along with him. The guy behind me shouts ‘This is fucking class’ at least four times. For a support band, the iC1s are doing pretty well for themselves with this Glasgow crowd.

The excitement reaches a peak with ‘Wack Jack’, the lead single off the band’s debut mini-album In The Blink of An Eye –  the final song of the set. The spaces dotted about the crowd now simply mean more space to dance, and those at the back – who have up until now been watching the excitable crowd up front with smirks on their faces – clearly have a ‘fuck it’ moment and join in the madness. This song, and others,  ‘Not Perfect’, encapsulate exactly what iC1s are best at – loud, swaggering, sing-along anthems that may not be the most original of tracks when listened to at home, but are damn good fun to dance to live.

[Louisa Burden – @burdisthew0rd]

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