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The Edinburgh colony of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity (or ‘DKE’) has brought further controversy upon the group after leaked copies of their minutes revealed a deluge of misogynistic and trans-phobic comments.

Whilst not officially affiliated with the Edinburgh University Student’s Association, the all-male group is allegedly composed primarily of Edinburgh students and met at least once on the Edinburgh campus, booking a room under the guise of a ‘mandarin study group’.

The leaked minutes of the colony’s meeting on March 4th show that ‘Feminists’ constituted the only item on the group’s agenda. Discussions appear to have begun promisingly with one member suggesting a paint ball match with the Edinburgh University feminist society to ‘calm the waters’. However, this gesture of goodwill was swiftly undercut when the suggestion was vetoed, prompting the initial proposer to query ‘how will we rape them?’

According to the minutes, the meeting swiftly descended into more offensive and troublingly misogynistic territory when the group discussed the possibility of a ‘raping trip’ to Montenegro before reaching the consensus that trans individuals ‘agreed to be pedantic.’

The controversy even extends beyond what has been revealed by the leaked minutes. There are reports from a source within the DKE, who informed The Student magazine that the fraternity had plans to establish a ‘phone a deke’ service whereby women not wanting to walk home alone after nights out could request to be accompanied by a member of the Edinburgh chapter. Whilst initially appearing like a gallant, if somewhat patronising scheme, the source goes on to demonstrate that the ‘phone a deke’ service was merely a ruse for fraternity members to encounter and subsequently take advantage of vulnerable, potentially intoxicated women.

A spokeswoman from Edinburgh University has responded to calls for DKE members to face disciplinary action or even criminal charges, citing that ‘We are treating this matter extremely seriously. Accordingly, a senior member of staff has been appointed to investigate the allegations further.’

Whilst this response from University officials remains encouraging, for those familiar with the DKE’s sexist and intolerant history, the behavior of the Edinburgh colony is all too familiar, and stands as further testament to the Fraternity’s infamous reputation. These incidents are surely sound evidence to support the opposition to their affiliation with Glasgow University. Or, in fact, for them to even exist at all.

[Matthew Crichton]

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