Reclaim the Night

The famous ‘Reclaim the Night’ march will return to Glasgow this month, aiming to promote awareness of violence against women in the local area. The annual march – which also takes place in cities, schools and universities across the world – will begin at 6:30pm in the Glasgow Botanical Gardens on the 27th of November.

Organised by the Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre, the rally will march against sexual abuse and violence faced primarily by women and fight against the dangers present in the streets at night. Previous marches have begun with a rally, taking to the streets of Glasgow and then finishing off with a speech lead by a community leader aiming to fight back against the violence that lurks in the community at night.

Often these marches will have a theme announced nearer to the event, such as 2012’s ‘Women are not for sale’ protests. Although it has not been formally announced at the time of writing, it’s likely the focus this year will be the threat of ‘ideological cuts threatening the refuge and rape crisis movements in the UK’ and to raise awareness of the dangerous culture of victim blaming.

This year’s march is part of the ’16 days of action’ between ‘International UN Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women’ on the 25th of November until ‘Human Rights Day’ on the 10th of November. This is to illustrate the link between violence against women and human rights, reinforcing the fact that women do not have the freedom to walk the streets alone at night.

With Glasgow’s Rape Crisis centre receiving a record 3,700 calls last year and Glasgow being deemed the most violent city for sexual assault in the UK, these community marches are more important than ever in an attempt to end the extremity of the violence faced by women in this city.

For more information about the event and how to get involved, you can find the ‘Reclaim the Night: Student Bloc’ page on Facebook.

[Chiara Bullen – @Bullieo]

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