Live Review: In Solitude, Beastmilk

Audio, 16/10

In Solitude split their fan community with their latest output Sister last year, opening their sound to ‘80s New Wave influences and transcended genre definitions ever since. It does not come as much of a surprise then that Beastmilk were chosen as main support for In Solitude’s first headline tour. The Fins skyrocketed with their album Climax both in mainstream Hipster as well as Metal circles, with their sound heavily influenced by The Cure or Sisters of Mercy.

The choice for opening act is, despite all genre openness, somewhat odd. Solo guitarist Daniel Bay strums his acoustic guitar for a while and serenades the audience with his Lou Reed/Tom Waits tinted tunes. Not a great warm up to what’s to come but a reflection of how different this metal gig is from what you’d expect.

Despite it being In Solitude’s first headline tour and the huge popularity (at the loss of some fans of the older material) of the new album, Beastmilk are the secret headliners tonight. They control the audience from the first beat onwards and entertain the crowd with bouncy rhythms, sing-alongs or ‘80s New Wave melancholy merged together into an explosive mix. Smashing songs like ‘Surf the Apocalypse’ do not fail to deliver and push the crowd’s enthusiasm to a maximum. Beastmilk’s frontman shows great stage presence and performs flawlessly but he has to work on his stage banter. His shyness does somewhat add to the quirkiness of the band’s image and sound.

The nominal headliners In Solitude struggle to keep up the energy level during their set.  Their performance is not to blame though, it is more the fact that half the crowd stays at the back of the venue and have clearly already got what they came here for. The five Swedes however are not impressed by that and give a more than solid performance heavily focused on new material with some older strokes of genius like ‘To Her Darkness’. However, it is only a matter of time till Beastmilk come back for their own headline show.

[Ansgar Burke]

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