Live Review: Pins

15/11 – Broadcast

The Mancunian four-piece Pins have been increasingly elevating their acclaim over the past years or so. From their recent tour with The Growlers (who already have a strong fan base), they have already impressively pressed on. Pins approached the gig with haunting lyrics and screeching guitars that oscillated back and forth throughout the gig and dragged crowds in.

Each member solemnly strode onto the dingy stage, with no apparent emotion or nerve. The chords began to howl out and the symbols crashed out to drown any gap of quietness. The lyrics echoed from front-woman Faith Holgate to coat the darkness with a deepened effect. The noise gradually grew, which magnetised the stragglers at the upstairs bar.

The women from Manchester were now in full flow, occasionally venturing out into the crowd to intensely observe their audience. The feel of Pins and the sound of them has been linked with bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Savages; and it was clear to see this as they grew in showmanship plus confidence. Among themselves Pins urged each other on to play harder and harder, whilst with the crowd they seemed to want to subdue any doubt simply with their performance.

The conclusion of their performance squeezed out a few words from Faith, but it’s concentrating on the gig that seemed to be a contrast with the cross-dressing nature of The Growlers. The Finale of ‘Girls Like Us’ delved into that Post-Punk loathing sound that we associate with other Manchester based bands like Joy Division. They left an imposing imprint for the rest of the night, and it is a certainty that the girls will dig deeper into the music scene due to their originality and attractive style of performing.

[Arron Cockell – @ArronCockell]

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