Album Review: Vengaboys – Xmas Party Album!

Is it a reindeer? Is it a sleigh? Is it Santa on a sleigh riding behind a train of reindeers? NO! It’s Vengaboys!

That’s right. Your favourite ‘90s Dutch pop-stars are back – this time with their brand new Xmas Party Album! Featuring their latest hit ‘Where did my Xmas Tree Go?’ along with their seven other hits from back in the day – all refreshingly remixed for that Christmas feeling we all want. This album makes for what could possibly the cringiest Christmas album of the year.  

Otherwise widely associated with summery feelings of warm weather, notorious exotic party islands, and wanting people in your room (ahem! Remember when you were six years old and sang along to ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!’ like there was no tomorrow? Well how were we supposed to know the hidden meaning behind that!?), the Vengaboys have now spiced up their classic tunes with pretty much all the Christmas sound effects.

It starts with their new song which moves to a very similar beat as the others, with the standard “Eyo, eyo”characteristic; and where we also sadly enough find out that uncle John from the song ‘Uncle John From Jamaica’ has passed away. But it’s OK. Because uncle John’s daughter has left them a magical bean, so “the good times have come to stay”. Well, take from that what you will. The album then continues with the songs we already know, however, this time with cheery Christmas chimes, bells, and of course, what I can only guess is Santa going “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in each song. What more do we really need?

So, a brand new album, yet with just the one new song. Is it confusing you, slightly? Worry no more, because the answer to this extraordinary creation is found in the intro of ‘Up & Down – DJ Carol Cox Xmix’ and is spoken as follows: “We have already in the past produced records. These records were successful, and produced considerable results. But the funds have been spent – and very well spent – and for this reason we are now producing a new, unique, record.” So there you have it. And yes, it is definitely unique.

It is, without a doubt, unbelievably cheesy. But that’s OK. Because it’s the Vengaboys. And it’s Christmas. So get in the holiday spirit and shove on ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! – Snowtek Mix’. Woah, woah, HO! HO! HO!

[Sarah Ågren – @sarahagren]

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