Live Review: Lily Allen

22/11/14, 02 Academy

“It’s really fucking nice to be here!”shouts Lily Allen as she greets her Glasgow crowd at the O2 Academy. Her stage is set with giant flashing beacons and she struts out in a glittery tracksuit to screams, singing her album title track ‘Sheezus.’

After a whirlwind comeback year of festival performances and supporting Miley Cyrus’s ‘Bangerz’ tour, Lily is back to what she does best: performing for home crowds.

She quickly reminds everyone that despite a career break to get married and have kids, she is still the same cheeky and controversial Lily Allen. Photographers try to get a few shots of Lily grinding in her tracksuit and heels before she says, “When are you guys going to fuck off?” She grabs her stomach and asks, “Do you want to get my belly so you can put it in the Daily Mail?!” The crowd erupts into laughter and applause Lily for showing everyone just how much the paparazzi piss her off.

Lily continues the show with her crazy dance moves, stumbling across stage and giggling constantly, with a drink by her side. Much to the audience’s delight she performs the old classics from her first two albums; ‘LDN’, ‘Smile’, ‘Not Fair’ and ‘The Fear’. These hits are interspersed between tracks from her latest album, which are still the same cheery pop songs but with lyrics that never fail to disappoint. Her song ‘URL Badman’ being one popular example of this, as she hilariously sings about loner teenage boys that sit in their room and internet troll.

Lily goes on to introduce two songs; ‘Close Your Eyes’ and ‘Life For Me,’ which perfectly describe the changes that have occurred in her life during her music hiatus. She talks about the awkwardness of having sex again with her husband after giving birth and the “fomo” she felt after seeing the party lifestyles of those around her, whilst she took care of her family.

For just over an hour, Lily doesn’t stop singing and her vocals are surprisingly better than expected. She contemplates smoking on stage but quickly decides it’s not worth the fine she’d have to pay and tells us all that smoking is not worth it, full stop. As she disappears off stage towards the end of the night, the crowd chant “Lily! Lily!” and she finishes the set with her song ‘Hard Out Here.’

For someone who claimed a few years ago that they were never going to return to music, Lily Allen certainly seems to be enjoying her comeback time in the spotlight. There is no doubt Lily Allen has the energy, humour and performances to leave her fans wanting more of Sheezus!

[Rosannah Jones]

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