Live Review: Avatar

Cathouse – 25/11

I’m 23.

The days are gone that consisted of dyed black hair down to my shoulders and faded band t-shirts making up my entire wardrobe. The energy just doesn’t exist anymore for mosh pits and constant pogoing. The number of shows I’ve been along to means that the spectacle and privilege of seeing a band live has been diluted – it’s still incredible, but the starry eyed wonder of a show being one of your first gigs has long left me.

And so it all comes flooding back to me as Cathouse is a sea of black and hairspray. There are the first hints of developing facial hair and acne is treating some people really badly. There are swear words on t-shirts and more water being drank than alcohol. A support band is hanging around and people have to psyche themselves up to go over and say hey to a bunch of guys who probably have fewer likes on FB than they have friends. People, clad in Avatar t-shirts, are so excited to see a band that means a hell of a lot to them, and it is likely one of their first gigs – there is a line of parents standing up the back, arms folded, a bit bewildered by it all.

It’s a shame then that the show is fucking awful.

Avatar make really boring music. This is never more evident than those tiny passages where they don’t make boring music. Occasionally there’s a widdly solo that makes you want to string up your air guitar; every so often there’s an off-kilter rhythm that makes you want to smile favourably and wish you were actually seeing Periphery; and then there’s the set closer of ‘Tower’ (which is obviously an album closer too). ‘Tower’ is a great song – it’s melodic, it’s ominous, it fits their aesthetic as deceased carnival members. It’s a shame that the hour preceding this was a barrage of unoriginal battery towards their instruments and the decency of music.

The punters lap it up. One can only hope that Avatar act as a gateway band since, if people are losing their shit at this, I can only imagine how they’d react to seeing a band doing something remotely interesting.

[Scott Wilson – @HeartofFire]

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