Live Review: Little Dragon

23/11, 02 ABC

After Little Dragon heard the track ‘So Good’ by Nao, they decided she would be their opening act for the tour. The similarities can be heard from the beginning of her act, heavily synthesised, bass heavy music with hints at funk bass lines which are just repetitive enough that the audience feels compelled to dance without getting bored.

Nao gave an impressive performance as a supporting act that brought the audience from the bar to the floor. However the effect of Little Dragon showing themselves on stage was palpable, giving a real sense that the crowd was built of fans. The Swedish quintet started slow but as soon as the audience found their feet the performance grew into a crescendo of greatness. The band started and ended with the song ‘Twice’ however the audience clearly still wanted more.

The fusion of R&B with heavy synth parts certainly give this band an ‘80s quality, but heavy drums and modern riffs made it incredibly easy to dance to and separates them from their old counterparts. But what truly makes this band a real treat is that just as you think the music won’t change: it does. They’ll bring you to the point of repetition before adding something new into their mix, waiting to the last possible beat to raise the anticipation of the audience to a peak. A minimalist quality and something new that a lot of bands are missing.

Front woman Yukimi Nagano’s performance was reminiscent of Björk, in dancing style and energy; while interacting with every member of the band bringing them into the spotlight as well, showing a band performing together as a whole which is always refreshing to see.

After the gig, people on the street could be heard saying “That was the best gig I’ve ever been to” and the praise was mirrored on twitter, with simply “They are phenomenal.” Little Dragon’s performance was excellent, leaving the audience hazy, happy and wanting more.

[Tom McAloney-Foster]

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