Album Review: Fryars – Power

Fryars’ (real name Benjamin Garrett) latest album Power is the second album after Garrett’s debut five years ago. The young, cool and darkly-clad Londoner focuses on melodies that sound a little like a stripped back version of MGMT; and he is currently making a name for himself with his latest single ‘Cool Like Me.’ This single is a fun, upbeat track which showcases Fryars and his new album at his best.

One of the best songs on the album is ‘Can’t Stop Loving You,’ despite being a pretty depressing song about a break-up. ‘China Voyage’ is another interesting track and features a woman speaking in Mandarin throughout accompanied by a background of oriental chiming. The song then lapses into vintage sounding vocals that add a dream-like quality to the track.

Power has much more variation in melody at the start and the theme behind the album comes across clearly. The theme being the story of a man who builds a power station and the highs and lows of his creative journey combined with an exploration of the power of relationships.

Towards the end of the album the ‘powerful’ melodies are sadly lost and the tracks become a little boring and repetitive in style.  However, Fryars’ recent collaborations and tours with Lily Allen, Rae Morris, London Grammar and Wild Beasts could see him become a more familiar face in music than many may expect.

[Rosannah Jones]

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