Album Review: The Ting Tings – Super Critical

The Ting Tings. Yup, you read that right. That ‘band’ that once wrote a song that just listed girl’s names. They’re still going and surprisingly enough, they’re still utter shite.

The new album is called Super Critical and calls for a reaction along the same lines. There doesn’t seem to be a positive to this album. They somehow managed to write second track ‘Daughter’ without any melody whatsoever and instead just put in some nonsensical sound effects in a pathetic attempt to try and make it interesting. ‘Only Love’ is an attempt to convince us that lead singer Katie White can sing, and final track ‘Failure’ is exactly that.

Imagine La Roux’s pathetic younger siblings. They whinge at her to get them into a recording studio; La Roux tells mum, mum says “Just do this for me, to get them out of the fucking house”. Annoying, shapeless, senseless and emotionless – they might have even gotten worse.

Listen to this album and you’ll see it is the musical equivalent to a stinging beer shit on a Sunday morning, or save yourself the trouble and don’t.

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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