Live Review: Pulled Apart by Horses

Stereo – 22/11

Pulled Apart by Horses are loud, riffy rock music with a sense of humour and some silly song titles (‘E=MC Hammer’ is a personal fave) and their gig at Stereo was very, very fun.

The low-ceilinged, intimate atmosphere of Stereo was perfect for their energetic show. Their sound is somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood; lots of heavy, catchy riffs and shouty choruses.

Luckily, as they’re currently smaller than both bands, their gigs are much more intimate and therefore much more full of energy. The room was almost palpably sweaty and the crowd were hyperactive, the mosh pit enjoyably dangerous-looking all night.

Most songs were from their most recent album Blood, including the excellent, sexy ‘Hot Squash’ and the daftly titled, heavy ‘ADHD in HD’ but they did include some songs from their math-ier, odder debut. ‘Yeah Buddy’ was a personal fave, and they closed with the awesome ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’, all twangy guitar intro and yelling of the title over and over.

As a stage presence the band are excellent, with the right balance of praise, banter, and winding up for the audience. The Glasgow audience seems the perfect atmosphere for their humour and energy; “Here we! Here we! Here we fucking go!” sounds a bit out of place at some serious gigs but with the football chant attitude of PABH’s choruses it fits perfectly.

They came back on for an encore, saying “we’re gonna miss our train to Manchester, but fuck it” to cheering, then “Yeah! Fuck Manchester!” (they are from Leeds), then exited the show inviting the audience for a drink at Nice N Sleazy. Loud, sweaty and a lot of fun.

[Clare Patterson – @clurrpatterson]

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