Album Review: Stanley Odd – A Thing Brand New

Scottish hip-hop group Stanley Odd return with their third album and it is a belter.

Solareye and Veronika Electronika continue to be a delightful vocal dichotomy, the instrumentals remain tight and the lyrical content is still absolutely on point. Addressing diverse topics like the band’s rise to relative fame and (inevitably) the referendum and everything in between with passion, tact and wit in equal measure. A Thing Brand New is packed full of toe-tappers and tear-jerkers both.

‘Draw Yir Own Conclusions’ and ‘Son I Voted Yes’ stand out as some of the most emotionally charged songs you’re likely to find on a hip-hop record that doesn’t involve Scroobius Pip. The latter will tug on the heartstrings of anybody left devastated on the 19th of September more than any other song you’re likely to hear in 2014.

The other side of the album is laced with catchy songs like the blues guitar laden ‘Pastime’ and the auto-biographical ‘To Be This Good Takes Stages’ telling the story of the work the band have put in to get where they are at the forefront of a Scottish hip-hop scene that is fast becoming saturated with talent.

Stanley Odd stand out in the wider world of rap and hip-hop as a band who are sticking to traditional hip-hop values; talking about real life problems and making a comment on the state of the world without even once mentioning guns, bitches, or bling. A Penguin Classic in the making, indeed.

[Jack Smith – @smack_jith]

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