Qmunicate’s Films of the Year 2014

Too cold to go outside? Too stuffed with turkey to fit through that front door? Don’t worry, qmunicate’s here for you. A few of qmunicate’s favourite films of 2014 to entertain you and give you an excuse to finish off all those leftover Quality Streets.


X-Men Days of Future Past:  James McAvoy gave probably his most inspiring and impressive performance to date since Filth; with a bout of insanity. Awesome effects and a fantastic story line to satiate old fans and new…until the next one.

[Emmie Harrison]


The Imitation Game: Holy shit is maths cool. Who saw that coming? Cumberbatch was incredible.

[Jack Smith]

grand budapest hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel:  All sorts of fab – quirky as hell, brilliant cast and characters (Willem Dafoe made me want to pee my pants and Ralph Fiennes was just the sassiest of bitches), and it was just visually fantastic as well. Also leaves you craving posh pastries.

[Jo Reid]


Pride: Warm, funny, fab cast and so important.

[Jenna Burns]


Interstellar: Absolutely amazing with brain exploding space exploration and fantastic visuals.

[Helen Victoria Murray]


How to Train Your Dragon 2: As visually breathtaking as the first, this film will have you wishing for your own pet dragon to swoop into lectures with. With humour and raw emotion interwoven with the skill this franchise is known for, it’s impossible to walk away from.

[Michaela Barton]

the double

The Double:  Explored existential crises and repression plus played the sinister and comic in perfect balance. On top of all that, it looked gorgeous.

[Helen Victoria Murray]

lego movie

Lego Movie: Smart, self-aware with a surprisingly satirical bite and some great voice casting. It heralded the great Chris Pratt takeover over of 2014 with a colourful and fun romp through a world that made everyone nostalgic, yet still felt fresh.

[Max Sefton]


Boyhood: For almost 3 hours you are a part of someone else’s life. At the end you feel paternal, like a best friend, and like everything that happened to Mason just happened to you too. The film leaves you feeling like you gained a life figure who will switch roles depending on what you need it to be – Mason as your brother, his dad as your own guardian, or Mason’s relationships for when life has its ups and downs. Life-affirming by showing you that all you need to do is live.

[Scott Wilson]

the punk singer

The Punk Singer: All about Kathleen Hanna: frontwomen of Bikini Kill and riot grrrl as a whole.

[Jonny Stone]


Calvary:  Darkly comic until all of a sudden it’s just dark. Incredible writing, directing and casting.

[Emma Ainley-Walker]

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: A bunch of misfits very few people knew about beforehand turned out to be in one of the most fun and frantic films of the year. Not only was it funny and touching, but it spawned a world-wide obsession with a sentient tree. Sometimes the Marvel films, terrific though they all are, can feel formulaic; Guardians broke that mould, pointed at it and laughed its arse off at the destruction it caused.

[Ryan Sandrey]


Joe: If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t take Nicolas Cage seriously as an actor any more, watch Joe.

[Neil Weaving]


What If:  Possibly the sweetest rom com of the season. Different and relatable plus engaging enough to not just be a formulaic happy film.

[Emma Ainley-Walker]

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