Live Review: Heart of a Coward

O2 Academy – 13/12

When Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for her performance in Les Misérables it was for little more than 15 mins of screen time in an over-2 and-a-half-hour-long movie. For whatever reason, Heart of a Coward play one of the shortest support slots ever seen, meaning that by the time a quarter of the audience are in the room they are beginning to round things up. Every minute counts.

They make do with what they are given. Rather than spend time hyping up a sparse crowd, they fire through modern metal anthem after modern metal anthem. The energy saved from clichéd “Get your hands in the air, Glasgow!” type material is well spent elsewhere – they give off the air of a band putting on a show for no one in particular, it just so happens that it is a bloody good one we are lucky to walk in on.

Sure, the metalcore breakdowns of ‘Deadweight’ are as typical of the scene as any other metalcore stereotype, but increasingly the importance of music is best discovered through its live presentation, and here Heart of a Coward know what they are doing. They are not breaking any rules or pushing any boundaries, these are song structures and vocal deliveries we have heard before, but as long as they keep doing it better than the majority of their peers then they will rise to the top. They are loud, fierce, passionate, and good metal fun.

For a 20 minute slot in a long evening of loud music, they put on an Anne Hathaway performance.

[Scott Wilson – @HeartofFire]

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