Live Review: Stanley Odd

Garage – 13/12/14

You arrive at the Garage and are welcomed by a couple of people collecting warm clothes for a homeless charity, and that sentiment is prevalent throughout the gig; an evening of politically aware hip-hop with a real focus on social justice, kicked off by Ciaran Mac. After collaborating with hip-hop veteran and fellow support act Loki, he wills us to ‘have a fucking belter.’ Loki returns to the stage later alongside Becci Wallace and we are treated to a blend of soft acoustic guitar, Wallace’s soothing vocals and Loki’s scathing political commentary. He pauses between songs to draw our attention to some George Osborne hypocrisy, and then Stanley Odd take the stage.

Opening with the raucous ‘Get Back in the Basement,’ frontman Solareye walks around the stage simultaneously furious and delighted. He enters in to a question and answer with the crowd (“When I say ‘Stanley’, you say ‘Odd’. When I say ‘bed tax’, you say ‘fuck that’!”) and the crowd are more than happy to oblige. Veronika Electronika introduces the bluesy ‘Passtime’ and the crowd again jumps at the chance to join in by singing along. The crowd are excited, singing and dancing throughout, until the band masterfully take things down a notch with the emotional ‘Draw Yer Own Conclusions’. The crowd stops and listens attentively, absorbing the atmosphere, and erupts into applause when the song ends. The party starts again and the band returns after a customary false finish for the pro-independence anthem ‘Son I Voted Yes’ which commands an incredible (though not unexpected) reaction.

We are treated to a blast from the past as Stanley Odd wrap up the evening’s entertainment with ‘Think of a Number’ from their first album before making their way to the merch stand to meet with their elated fans and confirm that they are a band very much in touch with the community.

Jack fan-girled out in his interview with the band here; and check out his views on their newest album, A Thing Brand New, here.

[Jack Smith – @smack_jith]

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