Album Review: Emigrate – Silent So Long

Well it’s been a whole seven years since their self-titled debut album Emigrate and a lot has changed. It should be noted that the lead singer is also the lead guitarist for the little known band called Rammstein. Now if you have happened to hear some of Rammstein’s songs this album may come across as the English edition of some of their unreleased material.

For better or worse. The album is littered with collaborations; most notably Marilyn Manson in the song ‘Hypothetical;’ while this may appeal to some listeners, the overall success of this decision is questionable.

As the album begins, the first four songs provide a very surreal listening experience as the collaborations pendulum between random rap segments to shock-rock. A novel enterprise certainly but it comes at the cost of not allowing us to actually experience the band until almost a quarter of the way through the album. Songs like ‘My Pleasure’ or ‘Rainbow’ allow us to get a real feel for what the band is capable of. While it does bear an uncanny resemblance to Rammstein, it is still enjoyable.

Overall if you need something to tide you over until the next Rammstein album this provides some of the same sounds however as a stand alone album it is hardly anything spectacular. Bonus points for Marilyn.

[Luca Schaffhauser]

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