Album Review: Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Sonic Highways has everything that you want from Foo Fighters: powerful guitar riffs and brilliant vocals that only Dave Grohl can spiel. From his signature shrieks, to soft and flowing melodies, diversity is present musically and emotionally throughout the entire record. By god it’s motivational too – check out ‘I am a River’ and ‘Something from Nothing’ for this particular symptom.

There is an effortless flow between the album’s tracks, with a roller-coaster of emotions and meaningful themes, creating a work of art as opposed to a few hits thrown together. Particularly shown in the transition between the last two songs on the record ‘Subteranian’ (thoughtful and reflective), to the amazing ‘I am a River’ (totally uplifting and inspiring). Foo Fighters have dug deep into the vaults of their musical talents and experience to craft the awe-inspiring rock sounds to their listeners that are only ever getting better.

A careful balance between soft emotional ballads and heavy fun pumped up songs brings in the likes of Dream Theater, Meatloaf and The Darkness on top of the brilliant and familiar Foo Fighters sound.

[Jack Woodward]

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