Album Review: Wray – Wray

Never has reviewing an album been this easy. From the album cover alone you are prepared for what kind of album this promises to be: bland. If being pretentious were positively correlated with musical prowess then this would be the pinnacle of musical ability. Comparing your band to Bullet for my Valentine and The Police but better, is a sure fire way to set high standards (Ed’s note – in 2005 maybe). However when said band fails to live up to these standards the disappointment is more than palpable in the poor soul who got suckered into listening to it.

‘Blood Moon’ sets the stage for the album, a tad monotonous and needlessly “sophisticated”. It’s followed by ‘Apacheria’ which transitions so smoothly that one doesn’t even realize they are separate songs. The same occurs with ‘Swells’. And is followed up by ‘May 15th’. It could be that I am simply too plebian to understand the subtle nuances of what these artists are attempting to produce. Or that this is another prime example of what happens when artists are so self-absorbed that they cannot see the tired drivel that they are producing.

Wray is a huge disappointment, best left in its terribly bland sleeve where it will hopefully be forgotten.

[Luca Schaffhauser]

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