Live Review: Coasts

Broadcast – 30/11

A dark red light rests on the stage as the low ceilinged, underground venue at Broadcast fills up and begins to buzz with anticipation. They hail from down south, they play catchy indie music and, as they comment on themselves, people are starting to notice them. The Bristolian boys exclaim their excitement for the full venue, in contrast to the three people they played to pre-Radio One’s Big Weekend. Coasts take the stage and kick things off straight away with an all-passionate ‘Wallow’.

All five members move with the confidence and ease of an up-and-coming indie band. Their music matches their stage presence as they walk the line between a music-nerd’s favourite band and a teenage girl’s dream. It is a setlist meant for head-bopping and swaying at this stage, but there is definitely a sense that once they release an album and get the inevitable mainstream radio airplay, these songs will become earworms to dance and sing your heart out to. A host of future anthems are busted out with energy and expertise as if by a band of veterans, each song more popular than the last. The level is notched up slowly with heartfelt ‘Golden City’ mid-set, then again from ‘Tonight’ and increasingly so all the way through to the finale of mega-popular ‘Oceans’ which ensures the most dancing from the crowd tonight.

Although not quite there yet, Coasts are willing to enjoy the ride. They have the essential feature of being laid back as is demonstrated with the lead singers chuckle in response to the crowd’s silence when we were asked if we knew seventh song ‘Wash Away’. Performance-wise they are tight and well rehearsed and although not musically ground-breaking, are still very amicable; a band with songs that really make you want to dance, any of which will make brilliant final tracks at large festival sets.

An all round solid performance and enjoyable night. Coasts are only going up, and tonight we have had an appealing taster – brewing an insatiable hunger for more.

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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