Interview: Saint Raymond

Ahead of his major Glasgow gig, qmunicate’s interviewing pro. Callum Price met up with teen Saint Raymond (aka. Callum Burrows) to talk of tricky shows, Ed Sheeran and playing FIFA.

You’ve got a sold out tour starting soon, where are you most excited to play?

I think there’s a lot, without sounding really obvious, the whole tour is really exciting. Obviously the home-town show is going to be great, in London, but I am a massive fan of Glasgow. I’ve never not enjoyed playing in Glasgow and I just think the crowds are so up for it, always respectful but rowdy in the right way – so yeah the whole tour. I just can’t wait to get back out on the road!

What’s been your favourite show to date?

That’s a tricky one. There’s a few, the home-town shows are always special, and a couple in Nottingham last year which were amazing. Yeah it’s hard to pick, there were so many on the Ed Sheeran tour as well in the arenas but it’s hard to pin point.

Who’s been your favourite other artist to tour with?

The Ed Sheeran tour is hard to top, but I learned a lot, I was progressing and learning a lot as I went on. For example touring with Haim you know, I learned a lot about myself as an artist and how to put on a good show because those girls smashed it. When I toured with Gabrielle Aplin I was learning just about how to tour really from her. They’ve been all really different experiences and at a different stage of progression.

You’re only 19, did you ever see yourself in this position at this age?

No, I genuinely never expected to have done the stuff that has happened already and I just kind of went with it. I still do that, I don’t get caught up in too much stuff that happens, I just get along with it and see what comes really.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you being doing currently?

Yeah that’s another one, when I was finishing school I left and just had no idea what to do. I was always really into music so I was hoping something like that but I remember I was having interviews to be a barber and I went to college too just because I was finding something sensible to do. I got to sixteen and thought I wanted to do music, but I tried to do different things and just ended up really trying to go for the music side.

Well it’s turned out quite well for you hasn’t it really?

It’s getting there, it’s getting there. One day, one day…

You’ve been featured on Made in Chelsea and FIFA – is it weird hearing your own songs in the background of things like these? If you watch or play them at least…

Yeah. Especially FIFA, it was always like a little bit of a bucket list one for me as an Xbox player so to be on that still weirds me out. I’m like “What’s that song? Oh it’s mine…” and it still creeps me out. Only the other day for the first time was I just happening to listen the radio and my song was played, I always listen when someone says “You’re on now” and I’ll quickly tune in but for the first time ever the other day I was just listening and it came on. It’s a really weird feeling. It’s surreal.

Does being featured in these mediums make much of a difference do you find?

Yeah it exposes you to an audience that might not have heard you otherwise, like people who maybe don’t go to a lot of gigs. Yeah it definitely spreads you to a different audience.

Things seemed to really kick off for you in 2014, surely it’s only upwards from here?

Hopefully, man yeah. It’s been a nice year to eighteen months of just really building. So yeah, just taking it on this year and seeing what happens!

What do you have planned for this year?

I’ll hopefully get the album out around summertime which I’m really excited about and then just enjoying the festival season. So yeah I’m just super excited about this year, man!

If you could achieve one things this year, as an artist, what would it be?

Oooh that’s a good question… It’s a toss up between having a top ten album and then I’d love to sell out Brixton this year – it would be a dream come true.

Nice one, thank you!

Thanks very much man!

Wanna know what our resident Geordie thought of his Glasgow gig? Check it out here!

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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