Live Review: Saint Raymond

Saint Raymond

02 ABC 2 -8/2/15

If there was one word to describe nineteen year-old Callum Burrows, also known as Saint Raymond, tonight it would be ‘impressive.’ Although ‘exceptional’ and ‘fucking talented’ would also fit. Taking to the stage on Sunday night in front of a sold out ABC 2, Saint Raymond is an instant hit. Even without releasing a full album yet, he has impressively built up a dedicated fan base that knows most of the words to most of the songs, and with his impressive level of musical talent and performing panache, goes onto to put on a superb show.

With songs played on FIFA and Made in Chelsea the crowd is divided tonight, with iPhone wielding teenage girls at the front – and the slightly older, more stationary boys at the back (they still know all of the words).

One thing we all to love to see in an artist is a level of excitement matching that of the audience which Raymond definitely has. Despite supporting Ed Sheeran on a European arena tour, the buzzing nineteen year old is still there. Down to Earth and humorous, finishing his main set with “So this is the last song of the set… although we all know it isn’t” is a breath of cool air in the ever increasingly bullshit live music institution that is the fake encore. When he returns – nice and quickly – he forgets the first words to his final song. Although nervous, what nineteen year- old wouldn’t be in that situation, he pulls it back by turning on the charm and getting a girl from the audience to help him start. Perhaps bordering on sickly sweet for some, but another indicator of a level of professionalism and natural performing flair higher than we have any right to expect.

To laughs and squeals of admiration, the set ends on a high. I just request Mr Raymond, if you are reading this, to never let go of that inner teenager – he’s a lot of fun and will take you a long way.

Callum had a chat with Saint Raymond before the gig about FIFA, Ed Sheeran and scary gigs – check it out here!

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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