Album Review: Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

Pond are the wackiest product of the Perth (that’s Western Australia, not Tayside) psych rock collective once known as Mink Mussel Creek.  The ever-evolving lineup has released five woozy odysseys including 2012’s sublime Beard, Wives, Denim and 2013’s explosive Hobo Rocket.  Their 6th full length LP, Man It Feels Like Space Again, is more melodically charged than the last, but the focus is still on the heavily effect-laden guitars and synths and frontman Nick Allbrook’s idiosyncratic tones.  

For a band as drug-addled as Pond, this album is appropriately full of Uppers and Downers.  The Uppers (‘Zond,’ ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ and ‘Outside Is The Right Side’) are surreal 100mph trips through Allbrook’s mind on a night out at 3am.  The Downers (‘Heroic Shart,’ ‘Medicine Hat’ etc.) are more drawn-out, mind-meltingly fuzzy songs with a real epic, almost romantic feel.

The sound is a bit more grown-up and structured, which makes the album a bit less exciting to listen to than earlier works, but with song titles like ‘Heroic Shart’ (Urban Dictionary it), Pond have retained the mischievous edge we’ve come to love.

[Ciaran McQueen – @delareine]

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