SRC Elections Candidate List Revealed

With nominations closing this evening, the candidate list has been revealed for the Student Representative Council (SRC) elections, that take place on the 4th and 5th of March.


Though their Bane-inspired PR has divided observers, this year three of the four paid sabbatical positions will be contested, with two of the present vice presidents (VPs), Cal Davies and Liam King, bidding for another year in robes. They are joined in the race for the top position by Georgia Charalambous.

The three VP positions will be divided up among SRC insiders, with VP education contested by the postgraduate taught convenor Ruth Brown and the modern languages and culture representative, Gemma Gratton.

VP student activities is uncontested with the international students officer, Ameer Ibrahim, the sole candidate, while the final salaried position sees the charities, clubs and societies officer, Domi Bacanskaite, and the students with disabilities officer, Una Marie Darragh, go head to head.

Elsewhere, it is a positive sign to see that three of the four undergraduate convenors are contested, with only Kate Powell already guaranteed to take her place on the 2015-16 council. Social sciences sees another intra-council battle between Cathy Steeghs and Jan Vlcek, while for science and engineering, Oscar Schafer takes on Adi Childs. Finally, for medical, veterinary and life sciences, Fergus Taylor is up against Marc Vives Enrich.

As has become something of a tradition, the postgraduate convenor positions are minimally contested, with four out of five vacant and the sole contest pitting Salim Al-Wasity against Mark Bellingham for science and engineering.

Further down the bill Luke Evens bids for a second term as environmental officer. While five of the nine welfare officers are uncontested, this year none are set to be left vacant. Congratulations to Elliot Porter, Lauren McDougall, Elliot Napier and Milia Hau on their smooth path to victory. The most heavily contested battles are for race equality officer (Lea Balint, Tracy Duah and Aurora Piergiacomi) and gender equality officer, which sees incumbent Morag Deans face twin challenges from Kerrie Morton and Thais Ramdani.

Finally, and a little disappointingly, just 11 of the 19 school representative positions are set to be filled, one fewer than in 2014, with critical studies, culture and creative arts, humanities, law, physics and astronomy, psychology, veterinary medicine and chemistry all going unrepresented.

In total 12 out of the council’s 40 seats will be left vacant (30% of the seats available) after the forthcoming elections, while a further 15 candidates will be uncontested (37.5%).

Good luck to all candidates and don’t forget to vote on March 4th and 5th by logging in at

The full list of candidates below (credit to the SRC)


  • President: Georgia Charalambous, Cal Davies, Liam King
  • VP Education: Ruth Brown, Gemma Gratton
  • VP Student Activities: Ameer Ibrahim
  • VP Student Support: Domi Bacanskaite, Una Marie Darragh

Undergraduate Convenors

  • Undergraduate Convenor – Arts: Kate Powell
  • Undergraduate Convenor – Social Sciences: Cathy Steeghs, Jan Vlcek
  • Undergraduate Convenor – Science and Engineering: Adi Childs, Oscar Schafer
  • Undergraduate Convenor – MVLS: Fergus Taylor, Marc Vives Enrich

Postgraduate Convenors

  • Postgraduate Convenor – Arts: vacant
  • Postgraduate Convenor – Science and Engineering: Salim Al-Wasity, Mark Bellingham
  • Postgraduate Convenor – Social Sciences: vacant
  • Postgraduate Convenor – MVLS: vacant
  • Postgraduate Convenor – Taught: vacant

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers

  • Charities, Clubs & Societies Officer: Mhairi Harris, Vicky Leigh
  • Gender Equality Officer: Morag Deans, Kerrie Morton, Thais Ramdani
  • Environmental Officer: Luke Evens
  • Race Equality Officer: Lea Balint, Tracy Duah, Aurora Piergiacomi
  • Sexual Orientation Equality Officer: Iain French, Viljami Yli-Hemminki
  • Disability Equality Officer: Lauren Shoogle McDougall
  • Age Equality Officer: Elliot Napier
  • International Students Officer: Milia Hau
  • Mental Health Equality Officer: Elliot Porter

School Representatives

  • School Representative – Computing Science: Alex Pancheva
  • School Representative – Critical Studies: vacant
  • School Representative – Culture and Creative Arts: vacant
  • School Representative – Education: Peter McCluskey
  • School Representative – Engineering: Imran Hafeez
  • School Representative – Geographical and Earth Sciences: Sarah Bacom, Hannah Kay
  • School Representative – Humanities: vacant
  • School Representative – Law: vacant
  • School Representative – Modern Languages and Culture: Erin Ross
  • School Representative – Physics and Astronomy: vacant
  • School Representative – Psychology: vacant
  • School Representative – Social and Political Sciences: James Richardson, Tsveta Tsankova
  • School Representative – Veterinary Medicine: vacant
  • School Representative – Life Sciences: Cameron Hill, Nandor Nemes
  • School Representative – Medicine: Hannah Curley
  • School Representative – Chemistry: vacant
  • School Representative – Business: Mihaela Dimitrova
  • School Representative – Mathematics and Statistics: Scott Dallas
  • School Representative – Interdisciplinary Studies – Aaron Martin

[Max Sefton]

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