Live Review: Glass Caves

The Attic, Garage – 18/2

Arriving at the The Garage on a Wednesday night to closed doors, we were promptly told to go round the back for the gig – only to be turned away to an even smaller door at the side where we finally found the venue: The Attic, a very small but characteristic room above the main venue. Immediately the mood was clear. Busy but not rammed, one got the feeling that the people in attendance tonight fell into one of two categories: part of the tour entourage or die-hard music nerds. This is both a blessing and a shame, the crowd listen with open and willing ears – but for a band of Glass Caves’ standard it feels like an injustice that they aren’t exposed to many more of those ears. Their debut album Alive is impeccable, for the sake of every music fan I can only hope that their audience continues to grow. A very warm and friendly atmosphere set Glass Caves up for a comfortably strong show.

Every song they played tonight was their own, and every one was on point. A great balance between aggression and dance-worthy grooves, they moved through their set with grace. As they were only the support band for Red Kites, they didn’t have the set time available to them to really show off but they did excellently with what they had.

Body language at times perhaps made the band look a little shy, but the music did enough of the talking to make a brilliant set. The cramped stage probably didn’t help matters here however, so any worries of shyness were brushed aside with the patter between songs. The confidence and humour of the band suggested they weren’t trying too hard which was very enjoyable and comfortable to watch for the audience.

Finishing on single ‘Go,’ Glass Caves ended an extremely strong set that proved to show up the headline act. This is saying something, to make a band like Red Kites look mediocre is no mean feat.

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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  1. Glass Caves are Yorkshire’s best kept secret – a fantastic band that deserve to achieve great things. Respect to the Red Kites too.

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