Live Review: Kerrang! Tour

O2 Academy Glasgow – 16/02

Beartooth/ Bury Tomorrow/ Young Guns/ We Are The In Crowd/ Don Broco

There is nothing that is comparable to the feeling of a real live music gig; with the sound of your favourite bands blazing out of massive speakers, filling up the entire venue that electrifies the crowds’ excitement.The audience filled with mosh pits, circles and crowd surfers at the forefront of Kerrang!’s 2015 tour. This tour is a true example of a proper gig, with proper music. The diversity of the bands was celebrated by all the bands themselves, along with the crowd who loved everything played.

The line-up started with Beartooth, a metalcore band from Ohio who started the gig off with a bang. There are very few gigs that could get away with starting with a band so heavy with such a varied crowd, however it totally worked. The energy the band gave off was insane and this travelled into the crowd, thus starting the mosh pits and circles. They set the night off with a great tone that stayed until the last band played.

Up next, Bury Tomorrow, a band that was full of energy and love of real music and musicians. At face value they are a heavy band with heavy melodies. The frontman and singer, Dani Winter-Bates even proclaimed that Kerrang! was the best place to experience all different types of music.

Thrown into the mix at the last minute were three songs from Young Guns. They were full of an immense energy that could have sustained the entire night condensed into fifteen minutes. As a promo for their new album, they played two of their new songs which were exciting and gave hope that we may be hearing some more new material from them in the future. They rounded off with their old classic, ‘Bones.’

We Are The In Crowd came along to give the tour its slightly poppier side – playing hits from all of  their albums mixed in together. The band featured the line ups only female singer, Tay Jardine, who bounded across the stage and worked the joint vocals with Jordan Eckes. Unfortunately sometimes their vocals were lost in the comparably heavy music.

As they rounded off their set, the crowd were clearly eager for the headliners Don Broco. Full of playfulness they entertained the crowd with ease. The atmosphere was exciting and fun, they even managed to organise a game of badminton in the crowd before initiating a full mosh pit. That added a ridiculous extra fitting with the tone of the gig. Their sound was great and the audience lapped it up.

Overall a great gig, full of quality music and musicians, Kerrang! 2015 you certainly did not disappoint.

[Rachel Pyke – @pykiie]

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