Live Review: Mineral

11/2 – Stereo

Mineral are an emo band from Houston, Texas. After splitting up in 1997 due to growing apart as musicians, a  20th anniversary reunion tour was announced. Supported by Solemn Sun, who just didn’t quite have the  right feel of music to hold up to their dramatic lyrics – a hefty mix of rock and pop-punk that just didn’t bring up any new feelings or connections.

But as Mineral came on with bearded jaws and receding hairlines, the transience of youth seemed to dissipate; and the music returned all the raw unfiltered energy of being 19 again. The pointed fingers and sways of the crowd singing back to the stage was invigorating. Known for big soft/loud transitions similar to the post-rock style, Mineral caught a moment in time of growing up and changing. Confessional and bare, each song seems to be extremely honest about insecurities, with angst and youth also taking place centre stage.

Finishing the set with ‘Lovelettertypewriter,’ arguably one of their best; with such a quiet guitar bridge and sincere lyrics, sung with immense restrain brought the crowd down to earth, to be lifted up with the crashing cymbals and lyrics shouted by both band and crowd. The sentiment held in each song resonates with different ages of the crowd, the family bond of ‘A Letter’ went down well with the older generations, and the romantic notions in the older songs were sung back by the the teens. Very well received, with occasional “YEAHH” in deep grizzly Scottish accents vocalised the appreciation alongside the flowing sways of the crowd.

After a five minute chant of “One more tune” they admitted was not planned, finished with an absolute belter of ‘A Letter’ – I almost cried. Even though they are significantly older, the feelings that they have on stage really come out in sweat and scrunched up faces. It is no wonder that they have inspired the likes of Empire! Empire!, I Was A Lonely Estate – and other soft/loud confession bands.

[Evan Osborne]

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