Live Review: Marmozets

Garage – 24.02.15

“We never dreamed we could get this many people come to listen to us play our own shit” are the amazed words of band frontwoman Becca McIntyre as she looks out onto the roaring Glaswegian crowd. Marmozets still haven’t quite grasped how good they are.

And they are very, very good. The phenomenally talented McIntyre leaps about the stage like a mad thing, whipping her long blonde hair around in a whirl-whind. She keeps playing with the microphone lead, using it as a prop in tonight’s performance – at one point spontaneously wrapping it around her neck like a noose. These guys don’t care what you think of them, they are truly caught up in the moment and you can see how much they are enjoying themselves. The sheer force of their energy is truly infectious, and soon the black clad audience are headbanging  along with them.

“Just do whatever you want,” McIntyre shrieks at one point. “Do whatever the fuck you want to.” A female lead singer of a British rock band, she is a truly inspirational figure in a genre which is shamefully lacking in gender diversity. But she’s not here for the novelty factor of ‘being a girl in a rock band’ –  she’s here because her powerful voice is amazing and she can do such extraordinary things with it, like scream like a tuneful banshee and belt out anthems. Watching her perform is captivating, not because she is trying to be ‘sexy,’ but because her performance is so raw and so unpretentious. A role model for female artists everywhere, McIntyre gives us hope for the patriarchy that is the music industry.

The band is comprised of two sets of siblings – Becca and Sam McIntyre, and Jack and Will Bottomley. All are very talented musicians and the rest of the band seem just as enthusiastic and caught up in the music as frontwoman Becca.

Overall, a great night. An energetic, wild and unique performance– Marmozets will go far.

[Alice Lannon]

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