Live Review: NME Awards Tour

22/2/15 – 02 ABC

Some of the slickest, finest and wackiest talent came to Glasgow for the NME awards tour, which is the official build up for one of the more honest music awards ceremonies.

The Wytches were the initial act; they have been jostled in relatively quickly due to the unfortunate break-up of The Amazing Snakeheads, so they used this opportunity to throw down some new tracks to a very large audience. Their dark psyche style shone through stunning members of the audience because of their sheer ferocity and haunting effects. ‘Gravedweller’ and ‘Burn Out the Bruise’ featured from the album Annabel Dream Reader and they seemed to comfortably thrash through their tracks in a confident fashion.

The crowd was now cramming closer to the barriers for Slaves. The two boys from Kent were instantaneously turning heads with a fast-paced racket from the percussion, screaming vocals in the style of the Sleaford Mods and a fierce guitar style slamming away in the aura of it all. Their live set can only be described as a gut punch from an amphetamine. As the general pulse rate from the room was hitting the roof from the vicious, sadistic ‘Her,’ things exploded with the dancing manta ray which has become a notorious feature of their set. Slaves are definitely one not to be missed.

Probably one of the most controversial bands of 2014 opened with their emphatic single ‘Auto Neutron’ and the groove enticed many sexual encounters within the ABC. Fat White Family always do give an interesting performance; with this one featuring eager fans to jump for the hand-outs, which only turned out to be pieces of bread. Apart from their crazy antics and ludicrous stories, they throw out some of the most brilliant satire and impressive performance of any band around at the moment.

Palma Violets were to conclude, but the crowd was already were sneaking out through the back doors. It is understandable why as they seem to be only able to produced recycled material, even if it may be catchy. However, they did add a forever NME indie zest to the show and lured in a younger audience to what arguably is one of the most impressive line ups of this tour so far.

[Arron Cockell]

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