Live Review: Hookworms

Stereo – 28/02/2015

Psychedelic and fuzzy in style, Hookworms were born from the currently thriving Leeds music scene along with bands like Eagulls and Menace Beach. You could argue this is the most exciting music scene in the UK at the moment, and Hookworms were playing at the best live music venue Glasgow has to offer.

They had managed to sell out the gig – one doesn’t put much thought into who would buy tickets to see Hookworms but it turns out there weren’t very many students there and that the tickets had been snapped up by lots of “cool dads” and some of their “wannabe cool dad” mates; I had never seen so many e-cigarettes in my life. Also, I was super impressed at how some of these men would withstand wearing thick, leather jackets in such a warm venue. Whilst Hookworms performance was loud and hyperactive, most of the audience were happy with standing still and nodding their heads.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with simply enjoying the music without jumping around and losing your mind. Having said that, being forced to move aside every twenty seconds for someone to get the next round of beers in for the lads and lasses at the front was pretty annoying annoying at times. Though this did lead to a comedic end to the gig. Someone at the front had clearly had too many and decided to join the band onstage for their final song ‘Retreat.’ He became a sort of Bez figure, dancing alone and offering the band members some of his drink, which he clearly could not manage himself.

If you have not heard of Hookworms, check out their album The Hum now. They are an awesome band with the ability to transfer their unique style on record into a captivating live performance.

[Sorley Mclean – @SorleyMclean]

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