QMU Election Results

Just over two months before the United Kingdom goes to the polls to decide on its next government, 5th March saw elections across all four of the University of Glasgow student bodies.

Turnout at the QMU was 431, with half a dozen unregistered voters turned away on the day – unlike the union down the road voters cannot sign up on the day to prevent candidates frogmarching horders of freshers down from Murano to help their cause. This was a slight increase in turnout from both the November by-election and the 2014 general election but still represented a turnout of just over 14% of QMU members.

In a closely fought presidential race, returning officer and Ex-QMU President Colum Fraser announced that Publications convenor and qmunicate magazine editor, Max Sefton (193 votes) had triumphed over former Social convenors, Alice Stearn and Chris Steven (148 and 75 votes respectively). Max Sefton said “I really can’t believe it, it’s going to take a long time to sink in. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me campaign and voted for me and I hope I can work with all the wonderful newly elected board members to make QMU the most open, exciting and welcoming place on campus; somewhere QMU members are proud to call home”

For Honorary Secretary, 3rd year Zoology student Emma Anderson defeated and year Biology student Chris Barrett by 283 votes to 113 votes. Completing the QMU executive for 2015-16 will be Celia Varela-Sixto, who was uncontested for Honorary Assistant Secretary.

Three of the four convenor positions were uncontested, with qmunicate’s online editor, Scott Wilson, taking on the role of Publications convenor (and editor of this magazine), long-time Tech Team stalwart Wiktoria Muryn becoming Events convenor and Kat Denholm, who resigned her position as Current Student Representative (CSR) to contest the election, taking up the role of Social convenor. In the contested race to be Campaigns and Charities convenor, Lucy Hornsby defeated Lesley Fraser by 276 to 99 votes.

In the 12 month CSR category, Cat Acheson, Andrew Brown, Jonathan Telford and and Jimmy Donaghy were elected to the board of management, while in the 6 month CSR category. In the 6 month CSR category, Gillian Merriman, Emily Rose, Kathy Carr, Rosie Mclister and Dominic MacInnes.

Elsewhere on campus, current Vice President for student support, Liam King, is set to become the new SRC president, defeating Caelum Davies by 200 votes. Joining him in the sabbatical positions will be UnaMarie Darragh, Ameer Ibrahim and Gemma Gratton. Down the road, Rory Slater snatched a narrow victory over Holly Fergusson in the battle for president, with Simon Tierney and Flora Mackeddie joining him on the GUU exec, while Caitlin Kelly is set to become the new president of GUSA.

As two seats on the QMU board of management remain unfilled, a by-election will be held on Thursday 26th March, with one 6 month seat and one 12 month seat up for grabs. If you have any questions about the election or want to get involved with the QMU, email Jack at hon.asstsec@qmunion.org.uk.

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