QMU does RAG – Elephant in the Room

Throughout the year, our own Campaigns & Charities Committee works to support causes which its members support. This year, our charity of the year is Sense Scotland who work to support those with communication difficulties and this charity has been our focus for the majority of our fundraising.

We have bungee jumped, face painted, fire walked and marathon trained our way to our current standing total of £7,888 for this charity and others including The Terrance Higgens Trust and Breast Cancer Campaign.

This week the QMU is supporting RAG (raising and giving) week. On Monday 23rd March, Emily Rose, Emma Anderson and Suki McFarland had their hair shaved on stage in Jim’s Bar in aid of Leukemia and Lymphoma research. As it stands they have raised £1,522 for this fantastic cause.

Elephant In The Room is our new mental health campaign which we are launching this week. Everyone has their own ‘Elephant In The Room’ – something they don’t feel they can share. This campaign was set up by members of the QMU’s Campaigns & Charities Committee to spread awareness and provide links between students and support services.

Watch out for us with our elephant (literally – a huge, giant elephant) outside the QMU between 11-4 on Tuesday 24th March where you can anonymously submit your own #myelephant. These testimonies will be stuck onto our giant elephant to be displayed later in the week along with the links to support services we have researched.

If you haven’t already, check out our Elephant In The Room Facebook page here – you’ll find a link to our blog of incredibly useful links to support services available to you which includes not just support for mental health but help for issues which can affect a person’s overall wellbeing such as sexual assault and abuse. Support for family and friends of sufferers is also available.

Annually, the QMU holds its own Jailbreak event. This year, it will be held on the weekend following RAG week (Friday 27th-Sunday 29th March). Packs are available from QMU reception if you’d like to see how far away from the union you can get on absolutely no money while raising money for charity. Past teams have reached as far as Egypt!

You can donate to any of our causes on our team JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/teams/QMUnion

If you would like to get involved with the QMU’s Campaigns & Charities Committee come along to our weekly meetings on Mondays at 5pm in the Board Room.

[Lucy Hornsby – @LucyHornsby]

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