Live Review: Sivu

Broadcast – 19/03/2015

Under the changing coloured lights in the basement of Broadcast, Sivu added to a relaxed atmosphere in which his support acts had created. The St Ives singer stood with his guitar, accompanied by a female backing singer also on electric guitar and piano.

Sivu seemed extremely pleased with the enthusiastic crowd that had gathered, mentioning that the audiences he had previously been faced with were not as hospitable. It was difficult to see why when they started playing though, as the pair sounded like a mixture of Bombay Bicycle Club with elements of Alt-J and Wild Beasts; although, Sivu’s falsetto voice was much more delicate with similarities to James Blake, rather than Wild Beasts. Interestingly his album Something on High was produced by Alt-J’s Charlie Andrew which explains the likeness.

The venue suited the band well. It was a small which allowed the audience to get up close and personal, and it felt as though Sivu was playing to a group of friends. He greeted and spoke to the audience in between songs to which they responded to well, while happily describing what each of his songs were about before performing them.

The songs were rather haunting and melancholic, with influences of love and religion. The single ‘Better Man Than He’ was one of his strongest songs which has an usually catchy and light tune that hides its rather serious take on faith and death. His songs are deep and contemplative with heavy features of drum and bass that were layered under soft and dreamy guitar riffs that intermingled with his gentle voice. Overall each combination made for easy and pleasant listening that is not worth missing.

[Lamorna Brown]

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