Film Review: Pitch Perfect 2

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Pitch Perfect is back! And it’s safe to say that it comes back bigger, louder, and even crazier than before. The increased budget is apparent from the very first scene: celebrities are present, the costumes have more glitter and bling, and the cinematography has become more adventurous. However, what we love this film for lies somewhere else.

It is the skewed moral compass, the hilarious-yet-bold jokes, and that sense of sisterhood and family with all its quirks and irregularities. Even though the girls are a part of a college a cappella group, not only is there no college work, Chloe (Brittany Snow) even admits to purposefully flunking a subject to be a part of the Bellas. Somehow, this completely manages not to bother the audience because the film, although lagging a little at the start, erases all prejudice and sense of mundane responsibilities and literally has people dancing and singing along in their seats (seriously, I caught myself).

It is worth appreciating that the sequel steers away from the original’s plotline and introduces new faces. The new ace up the Bellas’ sleeve, Emily (Hailey Steinfeld), proves to be the dark horse that the group needs in order to re-discover their sound. We have a new villain in the form of the German group Das Sound Machine who, hilarious with their over-the-top accent, tall and hunky appearance, and immaculate synchronisation, are the epitome of the German cliché. While that can still perhaps pass for acceptable, some Hispanic jokes go a bit too far, killing the comedy and creating moments of awkwardness; a shame since we are used to exclusively top-notch, laugh-out-loud humour from the team of Elizabeth Banks.

But despite minor shortcomings, I must tip my hat off to the crew. They managed to retain all the things we loved from the first film: the insane commentary of John and Gail, the incredible Fat Amy who defies all laws of physics and sanity (watch out for the canoe scene, guys) and the catchy repertoire that has us humming for the next few days at least.

[Kristína Čimová]

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