Great escapes: qmunicate takes on ‘The Room’

Been stuck indoors for too long revising?  Want to get stuck in a different indoors?  Then The Room is for you!

Hidden away on Bath Street, The Room offers three unique mystery experiences – the Spy Room, the Identity Room and the Mansion room – with more tipped to be on the way soon.  Complete with plot and props, with your only way of escape being to solve a labyrinth of puzzles and gather an array of clues (or, less dramatically, the lovely employees with the key for the door), The Room is a race against the clock to prove your problem solving skills to all your friends lest you be locked in the room forever!  …Okay, maybe not forever, we’re not endorsing kidnapping here.

Due to the very nature of the rooms, we obviously cannot tell you much about what is actually inside – but trust us when we say, they do not disappoint.

The Room is the brainchild of Zsofia Dobak, a business student at Glasgow University.  Puzzle and escape rooms are immensely popular in her home town of Budapest, Hungary, which boasts around 60 different escape game companies.  The Room is only the second venture of its kind in Glasgow, but Zsofia is hopeful the concept will grow in popularity and so pave the way for many different puzzle experiences in Glasgow and throughout Scotland.

The qmunicate team were invited to test our logic and puzzle-solving skills in both the Spy Room and the Identity Room. They each have an entirely different storyline and so an entirely different atmosphere from the other, although both were tremendous fun. They succeeded in drawing us into their respective storylines which meant there was a feeling of good-humoured (yet entirely real) urgency as time ran out and sheer delight when we managed to solve the impressive array of puzzles.  We are fairly proud to announce we completed the first room in just under the allotted hour, and then completed the second one in slightly less time again, so our problem-solving abilities were most definitely improved.

An hour felt like the perfect amount of time for each room, although it slides by surprisingly quickly.  A team of staff, contactable via walkie-talkie, is on hand to help if a group is really stuck, and the games are monitored as well. These rooms cost around £60 each, which seems reasonable considering they’re recommended for 3-6 people.  While the larger room costs slightly more, again this is because it can accommodate more people.

The Room also plans to offer a children’s birthday party game for 10-16 year olds, a team-building exercise for businesses and a game specifically designed for two people so couples can take on the ultimate test in working together. With a number of rooms specially tailored for varying age groups, this day out can definitely be fun for everyone.  We certainly enjoyed our time there and say everyone should have a go. It’s definitely something a bit different!

[Caitlin Walker and Michaela Barton]

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