Glasgow University named Scotland’s ‘booziest’ University

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Glasgow University is widely acknowledged as a prestigious institution, with many awards and accolades to its name. But recently another title was added to this long list – fourth most boozy university in the UK, and booziest in Scotland.

The findings come from the student media website, who have just released their University Drinking League. They conducted a survey of the drinking habits of over 1000 of the UK’s students and ranked each university from highest to lowest number of alcohol units consumed on average in one week.  Glasgow came fourth, after York, Sussex and Aberystwyth University, with an average of 16.56 units.  Since the recommended limit to the amount of alcohol units to knock back within a week is 21 for men and 14 for women things could be worse. Drinking actually seems to be on the decline overall, as back in 2012 the first University Drinking League saw Belfast University top the chart with a staggering 27.3 units on average per week, while this year’s winner York was only guilty of necking 19.73 units a week.  This  may well be the result of a scheme launched last year by the government and the NUS in an attempt to tackle the problem of binge drinking in the UK’s universities.  While drinking is seen as a significant part of life at university by many it is important to remember to always enjoy alcohol responsibly.

It’s perhaps not the wisest move to introduce a seemingly competitive element to drinking at university in the form of a University Drinking League.Glasgow itself is of course infamous for its drinking culture, with pub and sub crawls galore.  Glasgow Uni boasts two student unions and is a stone’s throw from Ashton Lane, home of many a fine public house.  One of our very own tutors won the National Homebrewing Award.  So as long as drinking is enjoyed safely and responsibly at Glasgow Uni, we can hold the title of any position in the University Drinking League with pride.
[Caitlin Walker- @hirquitallient]

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