Album Review: Lucy Rose – Work It Out

According to Lucy Rose’s Wikipedia page, she used to sell her own blend of tea at her gigs instead of CDs or T shirts. I might have been surprised to learn this, had I not already listened to Work It Out. It sounds exactly like the kind of album a fan of English Breakfast tea would make – soft, a little soothing, well-suited to a rainy day, but not very exciting.

It’s an enjoyable album, full of pleasant melodies. The progression from home recording (Lucy Rose’s debut, Like I Used To, was recorded in her parents’ house) to studio has left its mark in slightly atmospheric backgrounds. ‘Like An Arrow’ is definitely destined for radio, and there are some great pop tunes thrown in with the standard folky ballads; ‘Köln’ and the jumpy ‘Our Eyes’ are standout tracks.

Sadly, it’s all just a bit too safe. There are some solid songs, and Lucy Rose’s voice is pretty lovely. If gentle poppy-but-folky ballads are your thing, you’ll probably quite like this, but don’t expect anything revolutionary. There’s nothing here we haven’t heard a million times before.


[Lauren Cummings – @__laurenC]

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