Exposure Short Film Festival – Call for entries!

With the indie film scene booming in Glasgow it’s never been a better time for young creative minds to get involved in filmmaking. Although the thought of making a whole film is rather daunting even the smallest step in the right direction can help. This is exactly the point of the first ever Exposure Short Film Festival taking place on October 10th at the Queen Margaret Union.

We are calling all young inexperienced filmmakers to show off their works and to do so we’re giving them a screen, a stage, and an enthusiastic audience. We’re not looking for highly polished big budget films. We’re looking for simple amateur works that show talent, dedication, and most importantly a passion for film. So get in on the action and submit your film now. See details below.

Even if you’re just a film lover the short film festival will give you a chance to enjoy the art of short films and to ignite debate and discussion with other film enthusiasts. Numerous screenings will be held throughout the day showcasing a range of different genres, styles, and talents. With the union’s bars and cafés open all day audience members can enjoy a lively creative atmosphere while checking out the talent on show with a few cheap drinks, some great food, and hopefully have the chance to meet some of our budding young directors in the flesh.

After the day of celebration our experienced judges and audience will give their feedback on every film on show and select the prize winners, sponsored by the Glasgow Film Theatre. Finally one talented filmmaker will receive the coveted Exposure Best Picture Award.

Submission details:

-All submissions should be emailed to the address exposurefilmfest@gmail.com via WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com) with the film file attached. In the message box please include the film title, genre, run time, director, writer, a short synopsis, and a short biography. If you are a student please also include the name of your university or college.

-Submissions can be of any genre and any age rating, but are restricted to less than 15 minutes.

-Submissions can be in any language. However, submissions in any other language must have English subtitles.

-Submissions should be submitted by 26th September at the latest.

By submitting a film you agree that the film is allowed to be screened at the film festival along with the details you have provided along with the submission. Your film will be subject to a review process and you will be informed whether your submission was chosen or not via email. Every submission will be viewed and even those not selected for screening will receive constructive feedback.

[Andrew McIntyre]

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