Album review: Josephine Sillars – Ripped from the Wire Spine

  Dreamy, funny and lovely, Josephine Sillar’s new EP Ripped From the Wire Spine is delightful.

A talented pianist and vocalist, Sillar’s strongest asset is her raw skill as a musician.  Her voice is pretty yet strong, with a distinctive highland lilt betraying her roots.  

She’s clearly also very skilled as a songwriter – her lyrics are as well written as her melodies, which are particularly catchy on ‘Little Footsteps’ and ‘You (Are Not The Reason)’.  However, although all the songs are pleasurable listens, it feels like Sillars is still in the process of finding her style – which is of course to be expected of a first EP.

Overall, as a debut, this is very good. It’s original, heart-warming and filled with genuine raw musicianship. As she develops in terms of growing into her own unique style, we can only expect great things of Josephine Sillars.  We’re very excited to see what happens next.

[Alice Lannon]

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