Album Review: Elvis Depressedly – New Alhambra

Internet shoegaze sensations and fans of a forced pun, Elvis Depressedly (they have a song titled, wittily, ‘Disgraceland’) have released their first full album New Alhambra on free music streaming site Bandcamp as a pay-as-you-want download.

Though their name may be a little awkward, it is apt: they combine the hope and tackiness of the American Dream with low-fi guitar loops and echoic, melancholic vocals.

They describe the LP as an “end times prophecy”; it has the sound of a dissociated, doomed youth, making it the perfect soundtrack for glum Midwestern teens smoking in car parks at night and staring forlornly at the stars.

This album draws on the culture in which Elvis Depressedly feel lost; “rock n’ roll” is a pastiche of one of the King himself’s finest, most overwrought ballads, and their low-fi recording techniques and disaffected air show the clear influence of their grunge predecessors.

However, unlike grunge their overriding emotion is not anger but apathy: “It’s a sad world/we were raised in/you could hate it/but what’s the use?” laments album closer ‘Wastes of Time’, perfectly summarising their outlook in the strange, dissatisfying world of the American south.

Elvis Depressedly sing with frankness and create an atmospheric portrait of youthful apathy, and if that sounds like your thing I thoroughly suggest sending a few quid their way.

[Clare Patterson – @clurrpatterson]

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