Our favourite weegie words and phrases!

The Telegraph described it as sounding stupid. A study showed that Londoners can’t understand it. But it made it into the UK’s top ten favourite accents, and has been voted one of the friendliest. Here’s qmunicate’s guide to our favourite weegie words and phrases – get gabbing to the locals and you’ll master the patter in no time!

Blether – a favourite hobby of Glaswegian taxi drivers, to blether is to talk non-stop. If someone starts blethering on level 9 of the library at essay deadline time, give them your best death stare and hope they slink off to level 3.

Wean – a “wee yin”, or a child. This is what bouncers will suspect you are if you turn up to a club without ID.

Fanny – a vagina (none of that tame American rubbish about bums), but also someone who is being an idiot. We’re not really sure why idiots are named after vaginas, but it’s a fun word to say.

Bogging – imagine the smelliest boys’ changing room ever, then throw in a couple of rotten eggs and a really wet dog. The resulting mix? It’s pure boggin, man!

Munchy Box – from your friendly local kebab shop, this is a heart attack you can hold in your hands. Chips, doner meat, pakora, onion rings, pizza, chicken tikka, more doner meat… all stuffed into one pizza box that soon begins to drip with grease. Slightly less legendary than the deep fried Mars bar, but people in Glasgow actually eat this.

Taps aff – once a year or so, the sun comes to Glasgow and the temperature hits 17 degrees celsius. This causes the young men of the city to declare “taps aff” and remove their t shirts, revealing gloriously white skin that soon turns a deep shade of lobster pink. If you fancy celebrating summer with some public semi-nudity, please remember to slap on the sun cream.

Mad wae it – Often shortened to “mwi”, this is the state you find yourself in at Magic when you’ve had a few too many Messy Bombs. Stumbling home mwi can lead to the purchase of a Munchy Box. Qmunicate recommends drinking a pint of water before bed and having plenty of Irn Bru (a national treasure) waiting in the fridge, cause tomorrow isn’t going to be pretty.

[Lauren Cummings – @__laurenC]

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