Qmunicate’s Top 5 Days Out!

All within 50 miles of Campus! No extravagant travel expenses for these days out.

  1. South Queensferry, Queensferry.

Sun, sea (well, a river…), ice-cream, two picturesque bridges and an endless choice of beer gardens with a stunning view. What’s not to love? This seaside-esque town has much to offer on a sunny day, providing a refreshing change from the city when you’re sick of the Kelvin and the Clyde. Definitely one for the Instagram.

  1. The Helix/The Kelpies, Falkirk.

You know those two big-ass (100ft) metal horse heads you now see on Scottish Tourism leaflets? Yeah, those are the Kelpies in Falkirk. They’re definitely worth a visit, if anything for the locally infamous ‘Kelpie Selfie’ picture opportunity. The Helix park is also home to the Falkirk Wheel – a giant wheel that lifts up canal boats. Basically, visit Falkirk to see big stuff.

  1. Stirling – Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle, The Bastion.

One for the history buffs, Stirling is a nearby city that is steeped in local history. You can visit the Wallace Monument and stand next to William Wallace’s armour and sword, and marvel at how tiny Scotland’s heroic saviour actually was.  And embedded in the local shopping centre is a preserved 16th century dungeon. Yes really.

  1. Loch Lomond

Just a 45 minute drive from the West End, Loch Lomond is a great place to hold hands with your pals and sing *that* Runrigg song till your throat is killing you. Or you could enjoy the scenery and explore the beautiful shore, taking part in the variety of water sports available. But you know, it’s your call.

  1. Glasgow Southside

Get yourself clued up on all things science-y at the Glasgow Science Museum or catch a movie on Scotland’s largest cinema screen at the nearby IMAX.  Southside is also home to Hampden Stadium and the Scottish Football Museum for those who love a kick about.

[Chiara Bullen – @Bullieob]

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