Full-time student, part-time employee.

It’s easy to feel bitter rejecting a night out on a Friday because you have to slave away behind the bar instead. Perhaps a fun day out catching the last day of the Glasgow sun in Kelvingrove Park is something you need to miss out on because, well, the customers won’t serve themselves.

Grumbling behind the till as I serve yet another too-friendly customer (‘cheer up love!’ –URGH) I don’t often think about the positive sides of my part time work during Uni. Having worked in part time jobs for the majority of my uni life (and put up with the incredulous remarks from friends who can survive solely on SAAS or the banks of mum and dad that I can’t make yet another Saturday out) I’ve recently managed to reflect and make the most of this lifestyle. Here are a couple of pros of student working life (on top of earning the coveted dolla) to remind you that it’s not all just cancelling events with pals:

Transferable Skills:

You might assume that your time behind the bar won’t directly enhance your employability as an engineer, or your time at the till won’t help you achieve that coveted position as a journalist. But getting a job after Uni isn’t just about having a degree, or even about extracurricular activities. A chat with our helpful career services at UofG opened my eyes to all these wonderful ‘transferable skills’ I’ve been unlocking for the past few years. Future employers want to know that you CAN work in a professional environment, in a team, provide customer service etc. All those years in retail will definitely pay off if you want to move on when you’re a graduate.


Studies show that students with a part time job generally perform better in class. This is hard to believe when you come in after a shift and collapse on your bed. But after a spell of unemployment during my uni life I realised this was true. When I didn’t have a job, I suddenly felt I had all the time in the world. Pushing things back in favour to do the things I felt I had been missing out on when working caused me to start slacking. Now I’m employed again, I’m constantly mapping out in my head how to best organize my time to fit in work, Uni,  and some time to chill out afterwards. This then lead to better grades almost solely through my time management. Yay for academic diaries and unpredictable rotas!

If it felt a little rubbish having to schedule your Freshers’ Week around work, don’t worry! You’re definitely not alone and in the long run the benefits of your hard work will become apparent. And until then – another day, another dolla right?

[Chiara Bullen – @bullieob]

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